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Tramway Project
Lessons learned in other cities
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 1er novembre 2012

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Proposed locations for the tramway lines.

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal recently released the report of the think tank on tramway funding to Montréal Mayor Gérald Tremblay.

The think tank evaluated the different approaches to financing the investment cost of a tramway in Montréal and identified different methods used in North America and Europe to finance urban public transit projects.

The report says that financing tools make it possible to harness the increased land value generated by the construction of a tramway.

All municipal political parties agree on the fact that unlike other transit projects, the tramway promotes urban development and generates increased land value along its lines of deployment.

The think tank recommends putting into place sound, flexible and efficient project governance so that the project is completed according to well-defined schedules and parameters.

Mitigation measures drawn from best international practices must be put in place to communicate downstream with resident and merchants. The think tank also recommends implementing compensation mechanisms similar to those used in Europe.

Lessons learned in other cities

Portland (Oregon) – Tramway launched in July 2001
There is a significant development potential in the tramway’s zone of influence. The tramway has become the centrepiece of a high densification strategy for new projects.

Bordeaux – Tramway launched in 2003
The watchdog organization established by the CCI to monitor the tramway’s impact reported that the downtown businesses greatly benefited from the tramway.

Dijon – Tramway launched in September 2012
Communication tools in place to keep the population and businesses informed before and during the construction works and to explain the whole project.

Reims (France) - Tramway launched in April 2011
Compensation measures in place for businesses suffering losses.

Paris - Tramway launched in 2012
Compensation measures in place for businesses suffering losses.

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