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Budget cuts at the EMSB
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 20 septembre 2012

The English Montreal School Board recently adopted its 2012-2013 budget and announced they will be working with a deficit for the upcoming fiscal year

During the two previous academic years, the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports (MELS) advised school boards that they were imposing significant compressions without any form of consultation.

During a brief telephone interview, Albert Perez, EMSB Vice-Chairman, Finance and Legislation Committee told us these compressions, which originate from the Ministry, will be implemented across all school boards in the province, not only the EMSB.

“Essentially we’ll be operating with a deficit. And we’re going to have to figure out a way to compensate for that,” stated the commissioner.

It is yet to be determined how these budget cuts will affect schools in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges-NDG or what effects they’ll have at a school level.

“Now it’s not as if there will be fewer teachers because there is a student-teacher ratio,” Perez assured us. “It’s essentially that the school board must find savings within its operating budgets.”

For the time being, the board is looking at a possible reorganization. Perez explained they’re going to review the number of positions with the potential of reducing cost by having fewer administrative positions.

The EMSB’s main concern is to touch the classroom as little as possible.

[ Sarah Geledi ]

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