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Two more years of roadwork in NDG
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 9 février 2012

Photo courtesy of MUHC

Construction at the former Glen railway yard

Some 150 residents who attended an information session on Jan. 24 at the Crowley Arts Centre now feel they know what to expect, as the McGill University Health Centre complex on the old Glen Yards site forges ahead.

Major road closures are coming as the MUHC builds access roads, sewer systems, overpasses and retaining walls for the mega-project bounded by Decarie to the east, Saint-Jacques to the south, de Courcelle to the west and de Maisonneuve to the north.

But area residents won’t be the only ones affected – all Montreal motorists and transit users navigating their way west from highway 720 or north-south on Decarie Blvd. will be forced to use detours. The City of Montreal, the Quebec Ministry of Transport as well as the MUHC say they’re doing their best to coordinate the work.

“Everyone is at the same table working on a concerted effort to minimize the impact,” said Pierre Major, an associate director of construction and facilities with the MUHC.

Already the Saint-Jacques exit westbound off the Ville-Marie Expressway has been closed and will remain that way until at least September of this year. That means drivers have to funnel onto an already overburdened Decarie Expressway to get where they’re going.

It’s the second time the exit has been closed to accommodate the Glen site development. This time it’s to allow the construction of a new access road to the complex, which will relocate five healthcare institutions including a research facility. Patients and visitors arriving by car will enter via Decarie; employees and delivery vehicles will enter via Saint-Jacques. Metro and bus passengers will access through a tunnel from the Vendome metro station onto the MUHC plaza.

Cyclists are also taken into consideration with a new bike path circling the complex. The MUHC would like pedestrians and cyclists to be able to enter from Glen Rd. as well, but says the City of Westmount has vetoed the idea.

As for the possibility of the creation of an outpatient clinic at 5100 de Maisonneuve Blvd. adjacent to the Glen site, the MUHC did not give a definite yes or no.

New sewers for Grey and Northcliffe

The City also plans to update the sewer system in the area between Sherbrooke and de Maisonneuve and Grey and Northcliffe. But officials say residents and businesspeople will have access to their properties during the excavations.

The redesign of the nearby Turcot interchange will start next year and last some 18 months.

Many NDG residents say that at least they now know what they’re in for. “They did a good job of the presentation,” said Michael Wertheimer. “All the parties were present and they were open to questions.”

The next public information session is scheduled to take place on March 20. Meanwhile more information is available at

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