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Action plan for a healthy lifestyle
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 9 février 2012

The Côte-des-Neiges-NDG borough officially launched the action plan for its Policy to Pro-mote a Healthy Lifestyle.

The event was held in the NDG sports centre on Feb. 4 at the first Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Sports Festival.

The Sports Festival is one of the first measures to be implemented with the aim of encouraging youth to be more physically active.

The borough’s Policy to promote a healthy lifestyle was adopted by council at its Jan. 16 meeting. The action plan presents various measures to encourage citizens to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits and physically active lifestyles.

The borough proposes among those measures to gradually remove all foods containing artificial trans fats from municipal facilities that sell them.

It also proposes to create, upgrade and maintain infrastructure available to citizens for physical activity. As well, the range of services available in sports and leisure activities will be broadened.

The Sports Festival is the result of a partnership between community groups and the borough. It provides an opportunity for youth aged 6 to 13 to participate in their first widescale sports com-petition.

Your video clips on YouTube

The borough’s elected officials believe they can persuade citizens to adopt healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle despite their busy schedules or a lack of time.

Marvin Rotrand thus calls on the population: “We know that many citizens have already adopted healthy lifestyles. That is why we invite them to send us short video clips showcasing their tips for eating well and staying fit.”

These clips will be broadcast on the borough’s YouTube channel as they may inspire fellow citi-zens. The clip submission procedure is detailed on the borough’s web site at ville.montré

The Policy to promote a healthy lifestyle was elaborated following a plea by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for municipal governments to increase their promotion of healthy lifestyles.

[ Marie Cicchini ]

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