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Sammy launches a franglais show in Montreal
Article mis en ligne le jeudi 3 novembre 2011

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Sugar Sammy received the CDN/NDG Borough’s Outstanding Citizen Award in 2010.

By now, everyone has heard: two years after his last full show in Montreal, Sugar Sammy is back and says: “I can’t wait to show all the new material I have built up since then.”

That’s how he sent out his personal invitation. The comedian, who grew up in Côte-des-Neiges, promises a show “that’s pretty much 50.5% in English, and 49.5% en français,” he said during a press conference Oct. 25, promoting his tour like a politician on the hustings.

The popular Quebec comedian, who now does 150 shows a year in English, French, Hindu and Punjabi, everywhere on the planet, announced a partnership between Sugar Nation, his production company, and Evenko during a press conference on Oct. 24.

Sugar Sammy is preparing an English tour for the rest of Canada. But first, he wants to do something that specifically addresses Montreal residents, not something he would be able to do in other parts of Quebec or Canada, or elsewhere in the world.

In his hometown, he can truly capture the essence of what it is to be a Montrealer. In Sugar Sammy: You’re Gonna Rire - Le show franglais, he’ll be jumping from one language to another in the same show, in the same routine and sometimes in the same sentence: a first in Canada.

“I’ll be doing what my love of the moment is telling me to do, for my hometown people, for the city I grew up in, and for the people who more and more speak both French and English,” said Sammy, who will be celebrating and performing this show on his birthday, February 29.

He will be performing at the Montreal Olympia theatre, “one of the only rooms in the city that fits many people but has the intimate feel of a comedy club,” he said. There will be special guests, and he will be keeping a couple of promises he made to his fans: “You’re gonna rire,” and “You’re gonna piss your pantalons.” On top of local content, he will unveil the new material he has been testing internationally.

“The show is gonna be Sugar Sammy-style. It’s gonna be irreverent, daring. The kind of stuff you guys are used to. People asked me to. Why do I want to do a bilingual show in Montreal? Well, for the last few years, I’ve had friends on both sides, English and French, and I asked myself, why do I have to do two separate shows for everybody when I can bring them all together in one show? They’re mature, they’re able to laugh about themselves. That’s where they’re at in society in Montreal. But it’s really… it’s more because I’m lazy: I wanted to do one show instead of two,” he jokes. He admits some of his content is so francophone that it sounds better in French, and it’s written in Quebec, so he prefers to do it in French. And vice-versa

Sugar Sammy is doing 15 shows from February 23 to March 24. Tickets are on sale at Montreal Olympia’s ticket office or on the Admission network.

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